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Who are the people who “get into aviation”? What draws them in? Mechanics, engineers, designers, authors, pilots… if they’re into aviation, we want to tell their stories here. We want to tell YOUR story.

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In partnership with the National Aviation Hall of Fame and support from the Ohio Department of Education, we present you with Why I Fly!

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Why I Fly – Marc Frances

A video gamer at heart, Marc found his way into the aerospace industry through the VR and AR world. He landed an internship at NASA, helping the agency collaborate, visualize[…]

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Why I Fly – Laura Humphries

Growing up, Laura never knew she could have the aviation life. After making her own discoveries as a flight attendant and a pilot, she wants to help others find their[…]

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Why I Fly – Brooke Desrochers

From flying worldwide to serving with a solid team, aviation is the life for Brooke Desrochers. Brooke joined the Navy in her youth and is now a Navy squadron commander![…]

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