Category: Pilots

Why I Fly – Larry: Aviation Volunteer & Mechanic

Inspired at a young age to become involved in aviation, Larry volunteers at the Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing museum located in South Saint Paul, MN. His flying has taken a backseat to a different passion; aircraft maintenance for an historic WWII B-25 Mitchell bomber.

Why I Fly – Amy: Aviation Volunteer & Pilot

Amy has a busy professional schedule, but finds time to volunteer at an aviation museum as well as learn how to fly.

Why I Fly – Chris: Airline Pilot & Flight Instructor

Chris is an airline pilot and flight instructor. His spare time, however, is also dedicated to aviation….highlighting WWII aircraft.

Why I Fly – Julia: Pilot & Flight Instructor

Pilot and Flight Instructor Julia finds her way into a life of aviation.

Emily Bowling

Why I Fly: Emily – Band Teacher & Pilot

Band teacher Emily finds adventure and solace in the clouds piloting her own plane.